FireKeepers Casino & Amish Dinner
July 21, 2010


7.22.10  Well, I had another fun day on the trip to Firekeepers Casino, and then it was topped off by an amazing meal at Rosie's.  Thanks again for all your efforts.        Phyllis R.

We departed on an absolutely stellar morning and headed to Battle Creek for a bit of playing at FrieKeepers Casino.  I sure wish I could take some pictures inside the casino, but we all know that is prohibited.  Wonder if I could sneak my camera in a just take a couple of quick shots.  FireKeepers has to be my favorite casino in the area.  And I know of 2 of our passengers who hit a nice amount.  Sure wish I could do that sometime.  ;- )

After 4 hours of play, we loaded the bus and headed to Rosie's for our Amish dinner.  What a cook she is!  We expected it to be very warm in the house, being it was such a warm day and no air conditioning in the house, but we were pleasantly comfortable in the house.  Rosie had cooked in her summer kitchen, so all of the cooking heat was kept out there.  How would you like cooking a huge meal for 44 people on a hot summer day?

First is the living room inside their lovely farm house.

One table is set up in the living room.

And 2 tables in the kitchen.

I almost always forget to take pictures of the meal when they start serving the food.  Rosie served chicken, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, fresh green beans, home baked bread and homemade apple butter, and her superb warm rice pudding.

Dessert was cherry and raspberry pie and Dutch apple pie.

While those who ordered baked goods gathered their purchases together, everyone enjoyed the beautiful day outside before loading the bus.

I just can't say enough good about this family.  Rosie cooks and serves with her 2 daughters-in-law.  And the darling 2 granddaughters are always present.  It amazes me how those 2 little girls can run barefoot on the gravel driveway!