FireKeepers April 2013




FireKeepers Casino & Rosie's Amish Dinner
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4.4.13  As usual the trip to Fire Keepers was great.  Phyllis R.

Another sold out day trip to FireKeepers Casino and Rosie's Amish Dinner! 

After spending 4 hours at FireKeepers Casino, we moved on to Rosie's for another great Amish dinner.  Rosie had about 8 young gals helping her, so she got a bit of an easier day.  The father of one of the volunteer helpers had serious heart surgery, so all proceeds was going to help with the hospital bill.

We indulged in cole slaw, homemade bread and jelly, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, meat loaf, dressing, green beans, warm rice pudding, apple pie, pecan pie, and chocolate cream pie.

And my plate before digging in.  Nope, I'm not shy when it comes to eating!

And clumsy as I can be sometimes, I spilled the whole jar of toothpicks onto the table....not once, but twice!  We remember the young Amish girl in the background when she was carrying her baby doll. 

It was then time to depart for home after spending an evening with a wonderful Amish family and their friends.  We'll see them again in August.