FireKeepers June




FireKeepers Casino
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6.11.14  "Once again another great trip"   Rick W.

6.12.14  "Always have a blast on one of your trips"    Nancy Z.

Our FireKeepers trips are always a huge hit and always sell out.  We did run into a bit of a hitch this time.  Rosie called me on Sunday evening to let me know her mother had a heart attack and she was leaving for Ohio and had to cancel our dinner.  On Monday morning, I got on the phone bright and early to Yoder's Home Cooking in Shipshewana (the Amish wake up pretty early) and Carolyn was able to accommodate our group.

So we loaded our bus on Wednesday and headed to FireKeepers Casino and was greeted by Carol, the representative at the casino.  It was a busy day there, as we were the 5th bus in the drop-off area at the same time.  Everyone was given instructions, cards distributed to the first-timers, and we headed inside for 4 hours of fun gaming.

I did sneak in a picture of one of the machines I was playing.  Nothing very impressive, but I did come home a little bit ahead for the day, which is usual for me for FireKeepers and unusual for me at any other casino.

After having all of our passengers boarded, we headed to Yoder's Home Cooking in Shipshewana.  I knew there would be another group there at the same time we were scheduled, but as we arrived, there were 2 buses that were getting ready to board and leave after their meal. 

As our passengers were disembarking, another bus was pulling in, which contained 22 people.  Add that to our 42 passengers, they served 64 people for a sit down meal at the same time in their beautiful new home.  We figured she served around 100 people that day.

As the other group had been booked for several weeks and had chosen to have a haystack meal, I chose to go along with that.  It's a fun experience trying to stack your plate to look like a haystack.  Some of the folks called it an open face taco. 

I think Mike took the prize for making the best haystack.

Their home sits on a lovely setting on a lake.

And 2 of their magnificent horses.  They had more horses than we could count.

We will schedule another FireKeepers and Rosie's trip before the end of the year to help the regular attendees get through the winter.