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FireKeepers & Rosie's Amish Dinner
November 4, 2013


A trip that is always a hit, we were at maximum capacity for what Rosie can hold in her home.  Her delicious meal explains why.  She even had to take out the spare rocker and add an extra smaller table.

We first arrived at FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek.  The FireKeepers bus representative boarded the bus to hand out our player cards and explain how to access the bonus gaming dollars given by FireKeepers. We then headed inside for some casino fun.

After 4 hours of playing, we boarded the bus to head to Rosie's house.

We were not only greeted by Rosie's husband, by also by 3 guinea hens.  Paul, our driver, said he always wondered why they came running whenever he went to visit them and started pecking on the front of his vehicle.  Dan, Rosie's husband, said they recognize the dead bugs on the bumper as "food".

Since it was around 4:30 PM when we arrived, they had not yet fired up the gas lights, but did so soon after we were all seated.

Being served was homemade bread......

the best cole slaw ever..........


warm rice pudding (a favorite).....



also roast beef, chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and gravy, and apple butter for the bread, of which I did not get pictures, other than shown on my plate.  I guess the food had set under my nose too long and I just dug in.

For dessert was a peach dessert, peach pie and pecan oatmeal pie.

Carmel, the sweetest little dog, was making the rounds.  Everyone was more than happy to give her some lovin'.

You can see 2 of the little granddaughters talking with our passengers.  I think Rosie might be priming them for hospitality.

It was time to leave with full tummies and I caught a picture of Paul talking with Rosie's husband and son-in-law before opening the bus for our return home.