FireKeepers August




FireKeepers & Amish Benefit
August 2, 2013


It's always a bit difficult to take very many pictures when you are going to a casino (which does not allow pictures), and an Amish home (where they appreciate pictures not being taken - although I always do try to slip one in).

It was an ugly rainy morning, so what better to do than spend the day in a casino!  Then like magic, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for attending an outdoor BBQ.

We arrived at FireKeepers Casino and Brianna, the FireKeepers greet got on the bus, gave us our instructions, and we were off to spend four hours.  FireKeepers was full of new machines and the did some re-vamping of the casino. 


Paul was promptly waiting for us to board the bus and head out.

The Amish community was holding a benefit dinner for a gentleman who had heart surgery, so rather than going to Rosie's for dinner, we attended the benefit BBQ and auction.  The attendance from the entire community was outstanding!

I must have been very eager to dig into my dinner, as shown by the unsteady hand taking the picture.  We had chicken from the grill, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, stuffing, cole slaw, homemade bread & jelly, assortment of pies and cakes, homemade ice cream, and soft drinks.

There was seating in the yard, as well as in a barn out back.  There was barely an empty seat at any time.  Van loads of Amish folks had been brought in from the Ft. Wayne/Berne area.  One of our passengers told me she overheard someone talking behind her while eating asking where the people on the bus came from.  (We had 47 people, so we made an impression with the bus among all those buggies.)  Someone answered that we came in from Chicago.  I asked Kim if she corrected them and she said no, she just left it at that.