FireKeepers & Amish Dinner
September 28, 2011


9.28.11  Dear Becky... It was so nice to be on the bus with you again.  Loved seeing everyone and I want to thank them for the warm greetings.  Had a great time today at FireKeepers.    Sue H.

It was a cool, rainy, dreary day, which turned into a fun day at FireKeepers Casino and indulging in another great Amish dinner at Yoder's Homestyle Cooking.  I keep threatening to secretly snap a couple of pictures inside the casino, but being that my camera is new after losing my other one at Navy Pier, I'd hate to have this one confiscated.  ;-)

I do believe FireKeepers is my favorite casino in our area.  I lose less money at FireKeepers than any of the others!

After spending 4 hours at FireKeepers, we loaded the bus and headed to Yoder's Homestyle Cooking in Shipshewana.  Carolyn always serves up a great meal - today consisting of chicken, Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, mixed vegetables, homemade bread and jam, peanut butter spread, salad and pies.  Thank you Tom B. for offering a lovely Blessing before dinner.

Little brothers can be so pesky, no matter their age!

My plate before............

..........and after.

And Carolyn's rack of jams, jellies and red beets to purchase.