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Field Museum - "Chicago World's Fair"
September 6, 2014

9.7.14  Great pix of a great day on a great trip!  Thanks.   Kate M.

9.11.14  Your service was wonderful. It was my first one day bus trip. I am looking forward to doing more.  Tecya R.

We boarded our passengers and headed to The Field Museum in Chicago to see the special exhibit of the World's Columbian Exhibition of 1893, or "The Chicago World's Fair". 

We made a stop at the rest area on the Toll Road prior to entering Illinois to stretch our legs and enjoy donuts, which Paul, our driver, picks up at Sweetwater Donuts in Battle Creek.

There's nothing better than a day away with your grandchildren.

We were running ahead of schedule, so since it was such a perfectly beautiful day, we stopped at the museum campus area along the shore of Lake Michigan for a photo opportunity.

We then arrived at the museum, at which time we entered the World's Fair Exhibit and everyone was one their own to explore the entire museum as they chose.

Below is a picture of the ledger that was used.  In total, I would guess the length of this book was 6' when open.  The accountant certainly did not sit down on the job!

Admission tickets

They are still not sure of the function of this piece, but they believe it was used to flip the switch to light up a dazzling array of moving lights at the fair.

Countries were invited to bring artifacts to display at the fair which described their country's culture. 

A Japanese jar which was used to store tea.

Exotic live animals which were brought in and later stuffed.

A sea lion displayed in its storage crate.

Birds and their feathers were used as adornments for ladies' hats.

A lace shawl made from tree bark and a skirt made from coconut fiber.  That looked like a pretty small skirt to me!

A likeness of a country's village.  (I don't remember which country this was from).

Intricate beadwork.

As you can see by the dust at the bottom of the jar in the back, some of the items continue to deteriorate.

Today, CT scans allow scientists to explore the contents of these Peruvian mummies while keeping them intact.

A Gamelan - an important musical tradition of Java.

After viewing the "Chicago World's Fair" exhibit, we set off to explore the permanent exhibits at the Field Museum.

We explored the Egypt Exhibit and entered a mummy's tomb.

Two coffins.  You can see a lighter colored box with painted eyes in the lower right of both of these coffins.  It was believed that their souls could come back at night, watch through the eyes and protect the remains.

Did you ever wonder what the remains look like when a mummy is unwrapped?

This one is a child.

In an elevator - I'm not sure what they were looking up at.  Maybe making sure the elevator was moving?

The Gem Exhibit.

A huge iron meteor.

Items made from jade.

Some of our passengers waiting for the bus to arrive in the lovely group entrance.

While others enjoyed the beautiful outdoors on a stellar day in Chicago.