Eli's Spring 2013




Eli's Cheesecake, Superior Nut & Candy, and Kurowski's
March 28, 2013

4.1.13 - Great trip. We had a good time and the cheese cake was fabulous! My guests on Sunday enjoyed it very much after the ham, sausage etc.  Rosie K.

Just in time for Easter, we headed to some of our favorite stores in Chicago to stock up. 

Our first stop was Eli's Cheesecake, who never fails to have some great deals!  We first watch a video about how Eli's was created. 


Then they pull a number for our guests to see who wins a cheesecake decorated to their liking.  Rosie was the lucky winner this time and, boy, did she ever make a beauty!

Then lunch is served.  No, that is not your imagination.... the sandwiches were that big!

After lunch, it was time to shop.

And even a bit of time for photo opportunities.

Time to pack the packages onto the bus and head for Superior Nut & Candy Co.  I stocked up on plenty of those peanut butter log candies and Mary Janes for future trips.

Kurowski's Meat Market was packed with people getting their meat, bread, and everything else that goes with Easter dinner.

You could definitely tell Easter was just a couple of days away by the brightly colored pastel decorations everywhere.