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Eli's Cheesecake
November 21, 2015

11.23.15  Just to let you know my friends & I had a very nice time on the Cheesecake trip even if we got stuck in the snow for a short time :0)  The food at Red Apple was very very good.  Carol D.


The first snowfall was predicted for our annual trip to Eli's Cheesecake for their Dock Sale and the weathermen were accurate in their predictions, although there was only a trace when we departed.

Our first stop was Superior Nut & Candy Co. where bulk candy, bulk nuts and gift packages are available.

We then moved on to Eli's Cheesecake for their Dock Sale and were pleasantly surprised when we saw no line, as there always has been a huge line in the past.  The weather had started to turn on us, so we assumed that may have been the reason for people staying home.  We were also told that it had been busy before our arrival.

We had saved so much time with Eli's not being busy that we flipped our itinerary and went to Gene's Sausage shop next, rather than saving it until last.  It was fortunate that we did, as the weather had started getting very nasty.  I'm sorry to say that I took no pictures at Gene's.  The meat counter at Gene's was amazing, offering probably 15 - 20 varieties of fresh sausage, including potato sausage, Jalapeno sausage, lamb sausage, and too many more that I can't even remember. 

By this time, the luggage compartment under the bus was completely full, so it was a good thing that we had no other food stops other than to fill our tummies at Red Apple Restaurant.  The Red Apple has 2 locations and I had made reservations at the location that we usually do not go to.  Everyone who has gone on this trip before was much happier with this location.  They first served a cup of chicken noodle soup, then after our main course, they served ice cream and Paczkis. 

My plate of roast duck, sauerkraut & pig hock, mashed potatoes & gravy, and Schnitzel.  I just ate dessert and didn't stop to take a picture.

Much snow had fallen through the day for our drive home, so we were fortunate to be in the hands of one of Cardinal's very capable drivers!