Eli's 2014 Spring





Eli's Cheesecake 2014 Spring
April 9, 2014

4.10.14:  "We had a wonderful time. See you Sunday :)"  Jodie S.

4.11.14  "Took us five trips to get everything in the house. Thanks Becky."  Bill & Sue G.


We had a small group going to Eli's this spring, but what a great group of people!  I think this was the most talkative group we have ever had on a trip.

There was a school group at Eli's that was leaving as we arrived.  So we filtered into the cafe area, the folks grabbed their seats and immediately started shopping the bargain coolers. 

They had a table set up with samples of cheesecake - strawberry, salted caramel, and chocolate mousse.

I kept finding John back at the sample table.

Below are 8" Holiday Samplers for $5.00 each.

Pretty Easter cakes they had on display.

Yes, in the back row are huge cookies!

It was then time to sit down for lunch - choice of sandwiches or salad, small soup-of-the-day, and soft drink.  The sandwiches were great!

We then headed to Superior Nut & Candy to buy bulk candy and nuts.  Great prices on mix-n-match candy in bulk.

Just a part of my purchases for the bus for the remainder of the year.

Then it was on to Kurowski's Meat Market.  Those signs say $1.99, $1.79, and $1.69 per pound - it almost looks like a 4.  A far cry from what I found in our local supermarket last week!

The luggage compartment before all of the purchases were even loaded.  Probably a good thing we didn't have a full bus!