Eli's 2014 Fall




Eli's Cheesecake
November 22, 2014

We headed to Chicago for our annual fall day trip to Eli's Cheesecake for their Dock Sale.  We always go to Eli's in the Spring just before Easter and in the Fall just before Thanksgiving.  The first time we had gone for their Dock Sale in the Fall was in 2013.  It was extremely cold and windy in 2013, and when I got back on the bus after we all made our purchases and were departing, I asked if the passengers would rather not go to the Dock Sale and just go as we always have to the retail store. They opted for the Dock Sale, saying they had fun and enjoyed it.  We just knew better this year to dress warmer for standing in line.

When we arrived, the traffic was horrendous, as usual for the Dock Sale, but they seem to respect a motor coach and we were able to get a good parking spot.

I would say the line was 3 times as long as it was in 2013, but the weather cooperated and we may have had a tiny bit of drizzle at one point, and it wasn't nearly as cold and blustery.  An Eli's employee came out, walked down the line and handed out hand warmers to everyone.

This was the line in front of us...........

........and the line behind us.

It took about 2 hours from our arrival time until we checked out.  As one of our passengers posted on Facebook, "But it was worth it". 

We then headed to Superior Nut & Candy where you can buy candy and nuts in bulk and nice gift packages.  This is where I always purchase my candy for the bus for the upcoming 6 months.

After loading our purchases at Superior Nut & Candy, the baggage area under the bus was virtually full.

Our next stop was Kurowski's Meat Market for meat, dried sausage, bakery items, and the best sauerkraut in the world.

We had all built up a good appetite after shopping and headed to Connie's Pizza for homemade warm bread, garden salad, Caesar's salad, pizza, and soft drinks.


The man who had handed out the hand warmers at Eli's gave us 4 trays of mini pumpkin pies to pass out on the bus, so we had dessert on the way home.