Eli's 2013 Fall



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Eli's Cheesecake
November 23, 2013

We headed to Chicago for our fall buying spree at Eli's Cheesecake, Superior Nut & Candy, and Kurowski's Meat Market on a cold blustery day.  Eli's Cheesecake was holding it's Dock Sale, which was quite an experience.  When we arrived, the parking lot and streets were packed with cars and there was a waiting line to get into the dock.  Eli's had a great setup for displaying and checking out. Upon checking out, all of the passengers on the bus were given a free 8" plain cheesecake.

We went into the retail store to wait for all of our passengers to get their buying done and wait to call the bus to pick us up.  It was shoulder to shoulder people in the retail area and they were passing out plenty of samples.

We then moved on to Superior Nut & Candy where they sell nuts and candy in bulk.  I always replenish my candy stock for trips for the next 6 months.

Then it was on to Red Apple Restaurant for a wonderful buffet.

Our last stop was Kurowski's Meat Market.

With everyone's tummies full and the luggage compartment under the bus even fuller, we headed for home.