Eli's 2012




Eli's Cheesecake & More
November 13, 2012


It was time again for our annual day trip to Eli's Cheesecake in Chicago, with some added bonus stops. 

Our first stop was Superior Nut & Candy Co. to buy bulk candy, nuts, jams, etc.


We then moved on to Eli's Cheesecake for some wonderful bargain at one of Chicago's famous food manufacturers.  

Just look at the scrumptious goodies in the display case.

We first saw a slide presentation on the history of Eli's Chicago businesses......

.....after which time a number was drawn for a personally decorated cheesecake for one of our passengers to take home.  Sharon got to choose her toppings.

Lunch was served.

I was a little late to get a shot of the cheesecakes before everyone jumped in to make their flavor choices to top off our lunch.

Let the shopping begin!  Just look at some of the fantastic prices!

Korey, Eli's group tour coordinator, thanked us personally as we departed.

The luggage compartment was loaded......

.....and we headed for an added stop - Maurice Lenell Cookies.  Yes, for those of you who had gone before, Maurice Lenell has opened up again just down the street from Eli's.

Our last stop was Kurowski's Meat Market. Look at the per-pound prices on these meats!

Some shopped the meat market, while their traveling companion went down the street to a liquor store for Polish beer, wine, vodka, etc.

Before we could depart for home, coolers and bags had to be re-packed and packages rearranged so everything could fit in the luggage compartment.  This was a day of food power-shopping!