Eataly 2018



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November 12, 2018

We headed to downtown Chicago for a very unique foodie experience.  There are only about 7 Eataly store in the United States, all being in large cities, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc.  We were there on Veteran's Day and as many of the businesses were closed for the holiday, the store got very busy.  Most all of the eateries were filled with people enjoying lunch. 

The traffic en route was extremely light and we buzzed right through, arriving early, so we had time to explore the store prior to our scheduled tours.

Scrumptious looking sweets.

Lotions and soaps.

Kitchen gadgets

Gift boxes

A nice family day trip.

It was then time for our tours.  Since I had gone on the walking tour the last time I was there, I chose to do the pasta making class.  Our first step was to make the dough, put it into a plastic bag, and let it rest.  So we were seated at a bar and served a white wine and a red wine while the chef made our lunch of ravioli stuffed with spinach, ricotta, and parmesan, topped with marinara sauce. 

Our wine server

I learned at this point that all shapes of pasta are made from the same dough.  So if you order lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, etc., you are really just ordering the shape of the pasta with whatever sauce you choose.

After enjoying the ravioli made in front of us, it was back to the dough we made to make the pasta of our choice.

Some made spaghetti

Some pretty little pasta

And my ravioli.  They didn't turn out pretty, but still tasty.  Yes, I will likely try it at home, but I first have to buy a pasta making machine.  Spaghetti is one of my husband's favorite foods.

We had time after the tours to have lunch and do some shopping.  Many who were on the walking tour said they were given so much to taste, they were full and could not have a full lunch.  There were a variety of eateries, two of which were new and not there when we visited in the spring.

We chose to eat in the larger of the eateries, which was very busy.  I split an oven-fired Margherita pizza with Marcia.  It's gotten to be one of our favorite pizzas.

There was a bit of time left after lunch while our bus made its way to pick us up.  Beautiful meats, pasta made on-site.  Just ask - they will give you a tasting of most everything - well, probably not the raw meats!

Consider this trip!  It is quite the experience and I will likely schedule it again in the spring.  All of our passengers were quite surprised and very pleased with the unusual experience.