Drury Lane-Hazel



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Drury Lane - "Hazel"
April 27, 2016

4.28.16  I really enjoyed the trip yesterday. Lunch was good and I loved the show and so did Tom. I love live theater of any kind.    Tomi F.

4.28.16  We had a wonderful time yesterday at Drury Lane. We loved the musical and the meal was delicious. This was the 1st time we have been to Drury Lane and it's my favorite theatre now.  Thanks for always having such great trips!  Pat & Gary C.

I hadn't been to Drury Lane for a performance for several years and I'm now wondering why I haven't offered this trip more often.  I will be sure to include more Drury Lane day trips in the future, although we do have "Crazy For You" coming up in November.

The lobby and entrance to the theatre.

At the entrance to the dining rooms, you could purchase a piece (or two) of some luscious looking desserts to take home with you.

Everyone filtered into the dining room for lunch.

We were allowed to make 2 entree choices for lunch and I chose a traditional turkey dinner or creamy vegetarian lasagna.  First came our salad.

I chose the turkey dinner for myself, which was delicious.

Below is the vegetable lasagna.

And a nice dish of ice cream for dessert.

After lunch and a little wait, it was time for the show.

I'm very fortunate that my camera takes pretty decent pictures without a flash, so I was able to snap some photos during the performance. 

The gal who played Hazel had an outstanding singing voice and I was totally impressed with the 11 year old boy who played Harold Baxter.  He's the boy wearing the helmet in the photos.  And I thought the "Bonkers Girls" were a hoot.

This show contained all of the elements for an entertaining day - singing, dancing, talent, good food, and some good laughs.