Cubs vs Reds



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Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds
August 24, 2018

Rain was predicted for today, but that doesn't stop true Cubs fans from going to a game at Wrigley Field.  There was no rain so far when we made our first 2 pickup locations, so all was looking good.  We traveled north on Michigan Street via South Bend's "smart streets" to our North pickup and entered the roundabout north of Memorial Hospital when a tractor pulling a long flatbed came rushing at about 30 MPH passing us on the right.  Needless to say, that did not turn out well.  The police came, looked over the scene and asked if we were loaded and where we were headed.  They looked over the scene quickly and sent us on our way.  Being that we had been ahead of schedule, we left the area only about 10 minutes late.

We got the remainder of our passengers and were on our way.

It did rain on the way, but stopped before we got to Wrigley Field, so it was looking good for the game.  It was a overcast, but never a drop of rain.

Doing a little leg stretching.

Honor to our Military and the National Anthem.

Let the game begin!

It always amazes me how the stands are always full at Wrigley, and if you watch the games at other parks, seating is pretty sparse.

It's always fun to take a break and go out to The Park at Wrigley and watch the game on the big screen.  That area was not as busy as usual that day.

I always leave the game at the top of the 9th inning to go stake our claim on the area where the bus will pick us up.  The Cubs were behind at that point.  I could hear from the cheers that they had tied it up and were going into extra innings.  It's always interesting to stand on the sidewalk and be able to hear the progress of the game.  It became pretty evident when the Cubs hit a home run at the bottom of the 10th.

Here's our usual departure location.  Since there was going to be an extra inning, I took a little time to take some pictures of the area surrounding that park.

We wait until the city buses clear our of the area before our bus can pull in to pick us up.

This gives us time for some fun photos.

Only in Chicago will you find a car sitting horizontal blocking the street.

Many thanks to Susie, Michelle, Denise, Jim, and Judy for posting pictures on Facebook, giving me the opportunity to snatch them up!