Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
June 30, 2010

Another great day at Wrigley Field.  Although I am not a baseball fan, I always enjoy the atmosphere in the area outside of Wrigley Field, as well as in the park.

First are some of the vendors, a line of just a handful of buses waiting to unload their passengers, and those waiting in line when Wrigley opened.

The players warming up before the game.

The Jesse White Drum Corp and Tumblers did a bit of entertainment.  These tumblers were awesome!

And some of our passengers waiting for the start of the game.

And the game begins!

Sorry to say, the Pirates won 2 - 0.

And here's the life of the firemen that are assigned to the firehouse across the street from Wrigley.  Not a bad assignment, huh?

And a picture of one of the player's Rolls Royce sitting inside their parking area.