Cubs vs Braves



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Chicago Cubs vs Atlanta Braves
August 21, 2015


We arrived at Wrigley Field for a great day of baseball.  With their construction still going on, it was pretty much chaos within a few blocks of the park.  I must mention that our Cardinal driver, Judy, did a fantastic job of maneuvering around what I thought would have been impossible navigation in a car.  We got unloaded and found our entrance gate - Gate F.

I've been to many Cubs games, but I don't think I have ever seen it this busy before.

Our seats were perfectly located in the first deck under cover, seated at the rear with a wonderful breeze blowing.  We could not have asked for better weather.

And Sue took a picture of me taking pictures.

It's amazing to watch them groom the field before the game.  I'm not sure why they smooth out the sand and sprinkle it down, only to spread more dry sand over it.

And here is the player coming into home base after the early-in-the-game home run.

The game needs to be explained when you are attending a baseball game with your dad.

Some of the group played the quarter in the cup game.  I participated but didn't understand it, but they were all good enough to tell me when to contribute my quarter and pass the cup on.  Ginny won the first pot.

The price of a Bud or Bud Lite during the game.

And if you had a little richer taste..........

After the 5 - 2 win by the Cubs trying to gather up 52 passengers to head home.