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Cornwell's Turkeyville
December 7, 2013

It was starting to feel a lot like Christmas as we headed to Marshall, Michigan on a cold December day.  There was time to do a little shopping in their super gift shop before getting seated at the front table.

Our soup and salad was first served, then we went to get our plates filled with Cornwell's famous turkey dinner.  For some reason, I had not had my fill of turkey and all the trimmings at Thanksgiving, so I was ready - as shown by my plate.  And those yams and vegetable casserole were to die for!

After the tables were cleared and everyone was back from visiting the gift shop again, the producer came out for the warm-up before the show.  I always hate when they say there are no cameras allowed - especially when you are sitting in the front row and can be easily seen trying to sneak in some pictures.  It was a great little show filled with plenty of laughs. 

With our tummies full and plenty of light-hearted feelings, we headed for home after a fun-filled day with friends.