Christkindlmarket in Chicago
Sunday, December 2, 2012


It was overcast and damp from rain overnight, but we knew the prediction for the afternoon was going to be great.  Great didn't describe the glorious weather we had for a December 2 day in Chicago!  It neared 70 degrees! 

We loaded the bus and headed out, with a stop on the edge of the Indiana/Illinois line to grab some coffee for the donuts that Paul, our driver, so kindly picked up at Sweetwater in Battle Creek on his way in.

Our arrival at Daley Plaza.

It was crowded and you had to shuffle along, but I was told by workers that it had been much busier the prior day, on Saturday.

A German band entertained

And plenty of food booths

The sign on the box said "Sax in the City"

This seemed to be a warming area for the pigeons.  It was so warm out and one of the pigeons was sitting there shivering.

Several of us walked the block to Macy's.

The Macy's windows

I was so fortunate to have been there when these 4 children were looking in the Macy's windows.  Almost like in the movies!

Inside Macy's

Close up of the lights on the 40 foot tree on Daley Plaza.  It almost looks like the Heavens.

It was time to depart and our Santa driver was patiently waiting for us.

We stopped at Culver's for a bit to eat on the way home.  Culver's always has the most beautiful Christmas decorations inside.

Thank you, David, for always sending me such marvelous pictures!  I truly appreciate it.