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Chicago Botanic Gardens
June 22, 2016

NOTE:  Thank you Carol A. for sharing your wonderful pictures!

The Chicago Botanic Gardens have to be one of the most pristine and peaceful places I have ever been.  Magnificent grounds and flowers are in abundance. If a person ever needs some peace and solitude, all they need to do is grab a good book or their ipod and find a nice bench here.

Upon arrival, we boarded the tram for a narrated tour of the grounds. 

We were told that what looked like vines on the lattice work on the side of the building were really branches from fruit trees and that they produce much more fruit than on a normal tree.

Japanese Gardens

The Prairie Grass area.  We were told this is what our country looked like for the settlers. 

A bell tower.

I wish you could get the full in-person effect of these trees.  As the narrator said "They almost look like they could talk".  A bit like the trees you see in a Christmas stage play.

They had set our lunch time ahead by 1 hour, so we had a bit of time to explore the gardens after the tram ride.

These flowers looked like they were wax.

It was time for our box lunches, so we met in the Lakeside Room for a bit of a break.

The nice young man who stood by to assist if needed.

Chicken salad on croissant.

Turkey and provolone on artisan roll.

Spinach salad with strawberries, orange sections, and pecans.

Followed by a great chocolate chip cookie and beverages.

We then had a bit more time to explore the gardens further before departing.

This red wing blackbird flew right in and perched on the railing right in front of me up close and personal.  I wish I had been quick enough to snap the picture when he was facing me.

If you look closely, you can see that these lily pads are in a concrete container under the water.

The lovely gift shop.

Our next stop was at Buffalo Ice Cream parlor

Sorry to say, with Chicago Botanic Gardens moving our lunch time one hour later, we were not able to get to Hausserman Orchids before they closed.  There was also a big thunderstorm predicted for the evening, so we made the decision to head home and beat the storm.