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July 31 - August 4, 2017

8.5.17  It was a great 5 day trip to Canada with Becky Wiegand, Travelstarz. Ate too much good food so popcorn for supper tonight at home. Thanks, Becky, for another great trip. And as always , we had great company too. Great to go away, but always nice to come home too. This one was hard to beat. Even crossing the border each way was pretty painless and the adventures were fun and interesting.   Tomi F.

8.5.17  We had a wonderful time with everyone! A first of everything for Alex on this trip, including the kidding! Thanks to Becky for this great trip to Canada.   Marcia J.

8.5.17  Thank you for a wonderful trip to Canada.  Sondra B.

We headed north to Canada - Our Neighbor Next Door.  Going through Canadian Customs was very painless - with Passports in hand, we entered the building, showed our passports, and were out in a jiffy.

There were many wind turbine fields along the way.

After arriving at the Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre, many of our passengers headed to the lounge to have some refreshments before dinner.

You will notice throughout, Tom hugged and posed with several of the ladies - even his wife.

Alex, this wonderful young man, accompanied his grandma and put up with all of the senior citizens on the tour.

After a good night's rest, we had breakfast at the hotel, boarded the bus, and headed to the Toyota Factory for a tour.  Pictures were not allowed on the tour.  Our tram guide was wonderful and the workings of the plant are amazing, with so many huge robots busy at work.

Our next stop was the African Lion Safari - their water park area being a child's dream come true, especially since it was a warm day.

We were initially on our own to explore.

Judy and Clara took an elephant ride.

Most headed over to watch the elephants parade down the sidewalk for the Elephant Swim.

They hold specific exhibits, such as Parrot Paradise.

Many of us headed to the Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration, completely ignoring the fact that rain was moving in.  While waiting for the demonstration, a torrential downpour appeared.  We headed for cover under the bleachers, which was hardly any protection, getting pretty drenched.  It all turned out well after it passed, the sun came out and dried us out.  Of course, some were smart enough to take cover, staying nice and dry.

It was time to board their bus for a tour through the wild animal portion of the park.

This evening took us to Mohawk Racetrack for harness racing and a great buffet.

A huge bonus to the horse races was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride.  They have performed all over the world and we were fortunate to attend the night of their performance at Mohawk.

A little entertainment in the entrance at the track.

It was time to head back to the hotel for the night.

Breakfast at the hotel before picking up our step-on guide for a 10:00 A.M. wine tasting at Konzelman Winery after a bit of a pause while 2 ships passed under the bridge.

And me, who always says she doesn't drink while on a trip.  Sure looks like I was guzzling that wine down.

Then it was on to Niagara Falls and a Hornblower Cruise on an extremely busy day. 

There is literally a Tim Horton's on almost every corner throughout Canada, so we thought we had to have lunch there at least once.

Today was Tom & Tomi's anniversary.  There's nowhere better to spend an anniversary than Niagara Falls.


We have on our ponchos and headed to board the boat.  What happened to those bright yellow slickers we've always seen in their ads?

Dinner was at The Elements, right on the edge of the falls with spectacular seating.

Our 3 entree choices.

What a great way to end the day at Niagara Falls but with a group picture celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary.  And we only had 3 people missing from the photo.

Breakfast at the hotel in the morning before picking up our step-on guide, Kate Fields, again and heading out on a driving tour of the Mennonite Community on our way to St. Jacob's Market, Canada's largest year-round farm market.  Yes, there are many Canadian Mennonites.

We then departed the Kitchener/Cambridge area and departed for Caesar's Windsor Casino, where our luggage was unloaded and picked up Mark, our step-on guide, for a Rum Runners Tour. 

Our first stop was the Willistead Manor House in Windsor.

The second door of this safe has never been opened since the family left the house, so no one is sure if there is anything in it, although they have determined it is empty.

We were then greet by a "Rum Runner" and a "Newsboy" before heading to the old Court House.  We were given a newspaper informing us of Prohibition.


The cop even showed up!

We were then taken to the Sandwich Bedford United Church, where the Woman's Christian Temperance Union tried to reform us with the help of the preacher.


I think I may have heard a Hallelujah or two.

Well, the attempt at savings us from the evils didn't last long, as our next stop was Franco's "Speakeasy".  We were greeted at the door by "Bertha". 

There was even some ragtime piano playing before dinner.

The cop showed back up to give George, our driver, a sobriety test.

After the cop left, "Bertha" showed back up for true entertainment.  She was a true gem!  I've not laughed that hard in a long time.  She sure knew how to pick the victims out of the crowd.  And she spotted Alex right away.

We were given a hearty thank you for coming, although we should have thanked them for giving us a great tour, ending with a marvelous evening.

Back to Caesar's for the evening.

It was time to head out in the morning, back home to the U.S.A.  The U. S. Customs was a bit more of a hassle, as we had to take all luggage off the bus, as well as any bags we had on the bus, go inside, show our passports and have our bags scanned.  I was last in line and as I was heading toward the door, I heard one of the officers say to someone "Now that's how it's done", so I assume we were simply a "training class".

Many, many thanks to Kelly Fields of FieldsTrips, the receptive operator in Canada, for setting up a fantastic trip for us.  This trip is now rated as my very favorite of all time!