Bears vs Lions Football
Sunday, December 5, 2010


The weather was very cooperative for our day trip to Detroit for the Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions football game.  It was snowy for the drive until we reached east of Elkhart.  From that point on, it was totally clear and dry.  The temperatures were also very cooperative, with it being in the low to mid-30's for our arrival in Detroit.


Comerica Park baseball stadium is located directly across the street from Ford Field football stadium.

Some tailgating in the parking lots lining the streets surrounding the stadiums.

And the Bears fans on the bus even got along with the Lions fans on the bus.  ;-)

The concourse of Ford Field.  As you can see, this facility was spotless!

Our first glimpse of the football field after entering the facility.

The Bears after they first entered the field.

Pre-game activities.

The Lions team entering the field.

Some of our passengers,

Overview of the stadium.

Let the game begin!