August Rush



August Rush

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"August Rush"
May 8, 2019

I have to admit, I had never heard of "August Rush", but since we purchase the season at Paramount Theatre, I was happy when the booking calls started coming in rapidly.  This was not a regular theatre production (as in a play), but was beautifully done with serene, peaceful music.  All who had seen the movie thought it was outstanding.

The poster outside the theatre.

The lovely lobby of this beautiful historic theatre.

We usually have lunch in the Meyer Ballroom across the street

But since they were holding school testing all week, we lunched on the theatre's balcony, which was a very nice atmosphere.

As always, Paramount Theatre always offers a specialty drink to go with the theme of the show.

Our 2 lovely bartenders.  I love when folks pose for pictures!

They were ready for us to get our buffet lunches.

The attendees started pouring into the theatre, so it was time for us to go downstairs to our seats and enjoy the show,  I'm guessing the entire balcony was filled with students who, I assume, are wanting to get into the arts.  After the show was over, all the students came downstairs and took their seats at the very front of the theatre where the actors and musicians came out to give a presentation and a sort of workshop.  It was heart-warming to see 100's of interested students.

Paramount Theatre always has a nice backdrop for a great photo opportunity.  No other theatre does it up right like Paramount!