Arlington 2017



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Arlington Horse Races
July 29, 2017

They had been predicting 60% chance of thunderstorms throughout the day, but we were blessed again - only a few drops for a brief time on the bus windshield on the way to Arlington, then it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Being that our seating was in the International Room, it would not have mattered if it had rained.  The horses race anyway.

I had never seen it so crowded at Arlington!  It was Senior Day and the seniors took it seriously! 

We had time to explore this beautiful facility and study the Racing Form, picking our favorites. 

Sorry I did not get a picture of everyone, but there was a lot of milling about going on.

They served a delicious buffet lunch.  I could have gone back for seconds on the red skin mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberries, but I controlled myself.

Exercising a horse before its race.

Audrey was the top winner of the day.  Her first time on a bus trip and first time at the horse races.  Isn't that called "beginner's luck"?