Amish Back Roads Tour
Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This is Day 2 of tours that we coordinated for the Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet attendees.  Being that we had 4 buses going to 2 different locations today, my husband, Myron, and daughter-in-law, Lisa, escorted the 2 buses to the Amish Back Roads Tour, while I and my regular driver, Paul, escorted the 2 buses going to Navy Pier for a Seadog Architectural Cruise.  All 4 buses loaded at the Century Center to head off in 2 different directions.

Cathy Miller, the local step-on guide, was picked up and they were headed down the back roads in the heart of LaGrange County.  Bus #2 had an Amish man for their step-on guide, but we respected the wishes of the Amish and did not take his picture.

You can not go into this part of Amish country and not stop at Rise 'n Roll for a quick donut and a cup of coffee, as well as pick up all of the great other goodies they have to offer.

A bit of the beautiful countryside.

This was a stop at a quilt shop.

The next stop was a chime shop.  This Amish gal was taking her break from the Amish life to try living "English".  She has started a business making wind chimes.

A sign in her shop.  I love this!

It was then time for lunch at Yoder's Home Cooking.  The Yoders offer meals at their home, as well as catering.  They have built a separate building from their home in which to hold group meals.

They served a traditional haystack lunch.  Being that I was not on this trip but was told what the individual items were, hopefully I can name them from memory.  Sesame seeds, crushed crackers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, crushed Doritos, ground beef, and cheese sauce.  It was build-your-own meal.  Then, of course, the meal ended with pies.

It was back on the road to see a camel farm.  The guides explained that the camels are raised for milking and that the milk is used to relieve arthritis, as well as other ailments.

Two of the many garden quilts throughout the county.

Another shop where they raised bees.

We hope everyone is enjoying viewing the photos along with the great Studebaker collectors who are visiting our area this week.