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Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
June 8, 2018

6.9.18  I wanted to tell you that Paul and I had a wonderful time on the bus and at the cubs game yesterday. Everyone on the bus was friendly and made us feel welcome. You took time for us first timers and answered all of our questions. Thanks again. Linda J.

The day started out very rainy and we were a bit afraid the game would be rained out.  It rained for about 3/4 of the way to Chicago, then stopped shortly before we arrived.  As we took our seats, the tarp was being removed from the playing field.

Then they folded it back over, making us afraid that they knew something we didn't know.  But they proceeded to fold it in the other direction and roll it up.  This was promising!

The National Anthem and a salute to our Military and it was game on!  No rain for the entire day, but it was a bit chilly.

Took a walk to see the Park at Wrigley, which was not very busy that day. 

I always leave the game mid-8th inning to target the bus return, etc. 

Standing outside the park, by the uproar of the crowd, I could tell the Cubs had won.  Final score 3 - 1.

Our passengers started filtering out to await the arrival of our bus for the return home.

It's so much nicer going by bus than driving on your own on a Friday night out of Chicago.